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The main goal of this forum is to share resources with those in need in a simple method, particularly for webmasters. You may download a wide range of scripts, forum software, themes, plugins, and much more. Additionally, you may address relevant concerns or those of others on specific subjects. Therefore, if you haven't signed up yet, do so right now to join the family.

  • Except for modified nulled resources provided by members to make the resources function correctly and be ad-free, almost all of the resources are completely unaltered and virus-free and are the same ones supplied by developers.
  • Many people in the community are always engaged in supporting one another.
  • subforums with categories for various subjects.

  • Only English should be used while writing, and the thread structure should be attractive with the proper image (if required), description, and other information. Don't make it seem as if a kindergartener wrote it.
  • Don't distribute any download URLs that provide slow speeds or call for premium accounts. Google Drive,,, or any other upload site that doesn't limit download speed are recommended.
  • Use the "... Insert - Spoiler" option for distributing licences, premium accounts, logins, purchase codes, etc., but make sure it doesn't breach any copyright issues.
  • Avoid acting inappropriately with any community members or moderator staff; never accept rude or abusive language; keep it civil.
  • Staff members have the right to examine any material you post, publish, or otherwise make public on the forums. You consent to the sending of any Content you submit or upload to third-party verification services (including, but not limited to, spam prevention services). Anything you regard to be private or confidential shouldn't be submitted.
  • You acknowledge that using the forums to post or link to material that violates Google's copyright policy, is objectionable, adult, or defamatory, contains other people's personal information, is abusive, hateful, or contains swear words, threatens, spam or spam-like messages, is defamatory, religious, abusive, or contains abusive language, is obscene, or is otherwise likely to offend is prohibited. The damage caused by such Substance or your actions, as well as their content, are solely your responsibility.
  • Any submitted Content is subject to removal or modification at any time, with or without reason and with or without notice. Requests for the removal or modification of Content will only be acted upon at our discretion. With or without reason and with or without prior warning, we have the right to immediately cancel your access to all or any portion of the forums.
  • Never spam; this topic is not the place to directly or indirectly advertise your blog, website, forum, or social media. Keep your post's main points to this topic alone (We may put a temporary ban or permanent ban depending on spamming level). Your private messages (PMs) to other members' material is also covered by this.
  • Posting items that are 100% exact duplicates of other stuff is prohibited. Therefore, it is preferable to SEARCH to see if the material is already accessible before submitting. Current expired cookies, accounts, logins, and other obsolete items are not covered by this situation. Posts with 100% duplicate material will be deleted.
  • Posting links to any third-party websites, forums, or blogs that provide warez, cracks/patches, or pirated material is prohibited, particularly if registration is required. In the topic titled "site review," this regulation does not apply.
  • Avoid creating duplicate accounts to get more advantages, participate in a contest or giveaway more than once, or promote yourself by boosting your reputation (likes, good feedback on your own posts, threads, or services, me-to-me conversations to boost post counts, etc.). If we discover any, the secondary or optional accounts may be banned and the main account user may get a warning. That goes for GIVEAWAY THREAD OWNERS/HOLDERS as well. To prevent spamming or the possibility of duplicate accounts being created during such giveaways, they must restrict giveaways to people who have been a member of Babiato for at least 30 days.
  • Only when the AFF/REF. ID is necessary to obtain the offer, product, or service will posting or sharing of affiliate links or referral links be taken into consideration (for example, when only that affiliate link will grant the buyer a lower or discounted price than the regular rate, or when only that referral link is necessary to join a website, developer's site, or make use of a service). Meanwhile, make sure your ID is valuable to the person you're recommending and should behave differently from how it would normally. A REFERRAL/AFFILIATE LINK SHOULD NOT BE USED OR INCLUDED WITH ANY AD-SKIP URL SHORTENER, IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE. Please take note that a NON-PAYOUT based link shortener (such as, etc.) may only be used to shorten links, NOT for other purposes.
  • Your affiliate link should be a component of the target service website's affiliate programme and not a double- or triple-redirect from an advertisements link generator that contains the target service url in order to make it easy to comprehend. Disguised short urls that often cause damage to the user are forbidden. On the target service, only legitimate affiliate links that are a part of legitimate affiliate programmes are allowed.
  • The user's age must be at least three months, and they must have a minimum reaction score of 100. However, they must be genuine reactions that weren't obtained by spamming, using several accounts, or pleading for likes.
  • Last but not least, the user should not have a warning score more than 5.
  • Signatures/Profile: You are not permitted to use your signature to advertise products or services you sell on other websites, forums, etc. if you do not match the conditions for selling in the marketplace
  • It is completely forbidden to start a thread using material from a GPL website, whether it is free or paid, under the guise of a giveaway or any other lame justification. The majority of the resources they offer are stolen from Babiato, therefore these sites are unreliable in the first place (the code may have been tampered with) (it has been proved many times by forum staffs). Therefore, if this strict rule is broken, the thread will be closed with or without a reason (the user will be warned in such a case), and, in the worst case scenario, the account of the thread owner may be immediately banned without any notice or warning with no chance of being unbanned in the future.
  • In relation to REVIEW Threads: Our staff has seen that many individuals are just abusing the "Review area" to get backlinks, hits, views, sales, and other benefits, whether or not they have any reputation for or contribute to Babiato. Even Nevertheless, it has been seen that many individuals quickly create Reviews threads after joining (such tactics are completely worthless spam arrived from some random cheap minds). Therefore, the following guidelines should be followed before starting a review thread; failure to do so may result in your post being immediately closed, receiving a bad warning point, or even being banned (due to conditions that may be similar to spam):
  • Introduction will most likely boost your "Messages" count, thus before creating a REVIEW topic, your profile has to have at least 10 "Messages" count.
  • Make sure your REVIEW thread is clear and includes all the necessary fundamental information. for instance, length of the webpage
  • Website specialty (optional: Including some non-sensitive information about the website, such as the website hosting firm, the server specifications, the name of the theme or design, which plugins have been utilised, etc.).
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